Flexible sensor foils for industry 4.0

We revolutionize the conditioning monitoring of both structures and plants. 
Our sensor foils take you one step closer to Industry 4.0.

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less plant downtime
and operational stops

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more safety
for people and environment

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State-of-the-art technology meets industry 4.0

Combining a thin foil and flexible, powerful organic electronics makes for unique application possibilities of our sensor foils. 

organic sensor foil on water tank

Printed sensors in combination with organic electronics and conductive paths:

  • Flexible sensors detect physical properties such as temperature, sound, pressure, or more … 
  • Organic electronics amplifies and digitally converts signals
  • Conductive paths send signals to a computing unit for user output 

Industries and possible applications

Chemistry and petro chemistry

Detection of corrosion, deposits, cracks, …

Automotive industry 

Large scale temperature monitoring of battery cells 

Waste water industry 

Detection of deposits in pipes

Wind turbines and aviation industry 

Detection of structural changes or damages like cracks 

close up photo of our organic sensor foil

Possible Usage: Ultrasonic measuring principle

Reflections of transmitted ultrasonic waves are used to obtain information about possible damage, deposits, or corrosion in structures.

graphics of our ultrasonic measuring principle:<br />
transmitted ultrasonic waves are used to obtain information about possible damage, deposits or corrosion in structures
  1. Waves are supplied via an ultrasonic source 
  2. Waves spreading in the medium
  3. Measurement of the signals via printed ultrasonic sensors
  4. Reflection of the ultrasonic waves on the back wall and/or structural defects
  5. Amplification and digitization of data
  6. Data transfer to the end user

Animation of the measuring principle – this is how Flexora’s ultrasonic sensors work.

icon sensor monitoring


Our ultrasonic sensors are able to detect structural changes such as corrosion, deposits, and cracks

icon efficiency

High performance

Organic electronics amplifies and processes measured signals. Thanks to its low cost, it enables large scale production

icon flexibility and robustness

Flexibility & Robustness

The sensor foils remain flexible, light and at the same time robust against environmental influences thanks to the printed and partly organic electronics

icon less errors and more safety


Less unforeseen system and production downtime

icon saving time

Time saving

Reduced number of necessary plant inspections

icon real time data analytics

Real time data

System monitoring and creation of digital twins

icon cost savings

Cost savings

Fewer inspections

We are Flexora

We are an international and interdisciplinary team from the Dresden Integrated Center for Applied Physics and Photonic Materials at the University of Technology in Dresden.

portrait of Dr. Michael Sawatzki

Dr. Michael Sawatzki

CEO & Founder

Dr. Michael Sawatzki


portrait of Dr. David Kneppe

Dr. David Kneppe


Dr. David Kneppe


portrait of Clemens Haist

Clemens Haist


Clemens Haist


portrait of Kivanc Ararat

Kivanc Ararat


Kivanc Ararat

Technical Design

photo of our team

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The project Flexora is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economics and Energy and the European Social Fund as part of the EXIST program.

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